Trainer Assessment

Increasing number of companies are addressing the training needs of their clients and employees with internal resources. Thus provides them not only a huge budget saving but also flexibility and culturally aligned training sessions. However, the question has 3 aspects;

  • Choosing the right people as trainers, hence knowing something is different then teaching the same thing
  • Creating the right training with all the tools, messages and design features
  • Measuring them on the job, and providing important feedback and improvement support to develop further.

Our Trainer Assessment Center;

  • measures each candidate in a simulated environment,
  • provides them feedback,
  • develops their training, planning, designing and communication skills
  • assesses their upgraded training skills on real time environment and reports.

Case Study : L'oreal BDP

L’oreal has a number of internal trainers to train their coiffeurs on the new applications, products and fashion trends.

After listening to the needs of the company and learning about their expected competencies we meet with different coiffeurs from different regions and different product streams. We identified their needs, requirements and complaints.

Then we designed a special assessment in which each trainer has to conduct an actual training session in a real life setting. Our assessors watched them and scored them. We provided feedback for each trainer and reported the findings to let L’oreal plan for further training sessions.

The next step was to ask their managers who were also responsible for training these trainers to teach our assessors a number of important subjects. Our assessors also played difficult employee roles to see how are L’oreal managers dealing with these people and motivating them? We completed the assessment center with our feedbacks and reports accordingly.