Shadow Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching for performance

Adults learn by doing and from others. Coaching and Mentoring are the two key processes to develop learning and development further. Are your internal coaching/mentoring processes working as planned? Would you like to learn more about our ATD awarded shadow coaching process?

80% of companies have used or are using Coaching

83% of companies are sourcing coaching internally. Mentoring is internal in general

90% of coaches/mentors are confusing that with performance feedback

Source: ILM commissioned independent research at 250 large organizations.

Adult Learning


Train managers as coaches; basic in-house training.


View managers while coaching or mentoring in real-life situations.


Demonstrate how it should be done in real-life situations.


Coach them to identify their strengths and development needs, and improve them further.


Follow both the employee’s and internal coach’s development up and motivate them during the process.