We hire people based on their experience and skills but fire them because of their attitudes and behaviours.

Would you agree that knowing and doing are different?

Do your new hire’s behaviours reflect interview and personality test findings? 

Can you solely rely on personality tests?

Do you believe the opinions of the candidate’s manager are unbiased?

Is using the same hiring approach for each position and promotion, especially at the managerial level, logical?

Is the best candidate in theory, always the best person to fill in the position?



Our rigorous assessment approach creates a comprehensive measurement scenario instead of a snapshot.

  • It is objective and relies on data.
  • It is based on targetted attitudes, behaviours and skills.
  • It is designed to measure their fit to the organization and strategies.
  • It is designed to evaluate the future performance.
  • It combines the past and present with the future potential of the participant.
  • It is comparable.

Identify the measurement criteria, Create the Case Studies, Select the Tests, Plan Reporting
2-4 Case Studies, Personality Inventories, Interview
Group Reporting, Personal Reporting, Personal Feedback, Development Planning

Measuring with Three Perspectives

is measured by the interviews + 360°. Yesterday is the experience gathered and skills perceived by others.
is measured by personality inventories. Today is their personal perception in today’s changing circumstances.
is measured by simulations & cases. This is their fit to the future within the organizational culture and strategies.

Why Three Tools

Just Testing is not enough

With 3 different tools, we measure the strengths & weaknesses of an individual from 3 different perspectives. 

A better picture can be drawn based on yesterday’s behaviours, today’s preferences and tomorrow’s possible actions when confronted with difficult and stressful situations.


Just Testing is not enough

Assessment Centers help determine the readiness for the position. 

What gaps need to be addressed to accelerate readiness?

Immense simulations to groom strategically
Go beyond the CV especially for higher levels
Succession Planning
Identify individual needs and create awareness
Talent Management
Identify your real talent and retain them

The Overall Process

01360° Analysis

How you perceived by your colleagues “so far”.

02Personality Inventories

How you prefer to behave “today”.


Where all findings connect “together”.

03Case Studies

How you will act in a difficult situation “tomorrow

Customized Solutions

Leadership Assessment

For all Levels of Management promotions. Monitoring the alignment with the company for selecting new Senior positions A Talent Audit for Succession Planning or Development Planning

Sales Assessment

For Sales Manager & Team Leader Selection For Sales Rep Selection For the next-gen sales leadership promotions. Identifying the gaps within the sales team and process.

Internal Trainer Assessment

Selecting the best Trainers within the company for in-house training Recruiting New Trainers Identifying and developing the existing Trainers

Some Examples
  • TEB Future Leaders Selection Center
  • TEB Development Center
  • Partner Assessment Center
  • Manager Assessment Center
  • Leadership Development Center
  • Leadership Awareness Program
  • Sales Team Development Center
  • Train the Trainer
  • Sales Team Development Center

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