Will recruiting new talent & compensating existing staff fix a
leaking bucket?

We have solutions to fix this!

And this solution was awarded globally 3 times.

People follow their leaders

Key Factors for Job Satisfaction

According to surveys, 5 top areas are:

  1. Engagement,
  2. Praise and appreciation,
  3. Motivation,
  4. Satisfaction,
  5. Fair compensation.
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Invest in leadership

Click to download the Forbes Article on Employee Satisfaction.

A New Era Leadership Culture

01Identify TALENT

Assessment & Development Centers
Feedback Sessions
Talent Mapping

02Develop LEADERS

Develop Leaders
Create a Management Culture

03Implement SYSTEMS

Performance Management
Succession Planning
Shadow Coaching
Compensation & Benefits

04Develop TALENT

Talent Management / Learning
Coaching / Reverse Mentoring
Inclusion / Job Enrichment

A New Era Leadership Culture
HRchat Podcast - The HR Gazette Podcast
HRchat Podcast - The HR Gazette Podcast

How to Retain Your Best People?

In this episode, we consider what it takes for companies to retain their best people. Listen too, as we talk about ways to help leaders create a more engaging company culture.

Bill Banham‘s guest this time is Eren Ikiz, Founder of Improva Inc., a leadership development, talent management, and coaching company. Improva offers development centers, talent mappings, a corporate academy, and coaching solutions to help companies manage, develop and retain their best people.     – from The HR Gazette Podcast 510

How to build an on-going solid leadership culture with Improva?

Three-Dimensional Talent Mapping:

  • Leadership Talent,
  • Management Talent,
  • Expertise Talent.
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching
  • Shadow Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Inhouse Coaching & Mentoring
  • Personal Coaching
  • Assessment Centers
  • Development Centers
  • Promotions
  • Development Planning
  • Succession Planning
Business Team Meeting Strategy Marketing Cafe Concept
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Learning Cafés
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Ad-hoc Sessions
  • HR Consultancy
Shot of beautiful confident smiling businesswoman standing in front of her successful team. Portrait of multiracial group of businesspeople standing on stairs in modern office and looking at camera.

Journey” Corporate Academy
Our unique, tailor-made, fully measurable corporate academy which was awarded twice globally.

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