Leadership Assessment

Companies need assessments in 2 processes, recruitments and promotions.

We support our clients in their high level recruitment processes and in all level promotions.

We have created 3 separate level of assessment solutions

  • First level managers and or candidates
  • Managerial levels
  • Senior positions

Once the need and requirements are identified together with our client, we run our assessment center for these levels and report the results.

Case Study : KPMG BDP

The promotions in KPMG is managed in two levels;

  • Promotions from managerial level to director level
  • Promotions from director level to partner level

Our assessment center process with KPMG is as follows;

  1. Merge KPMG competencies and expected levels into Improva Assessment System
  2. Identify behaviors representing these competencies
  3. Create case studies to measure
  4. Choose necessary behavioral tests
  5. Identify Interview areas (Partnership level only)
  6. Conduct the assessment
  7. Create the report
  8. Feedback session for the participants
  9. Feedback session for the high level decision makers.