Leadership Development

Leadership Academy


JOURNEY is our two-time ATD and one-time Stevie Gold awarded approach to Organizational Learning & Development.

JOURNEY creates increased business performance, boosts employee motivation and decreases turnover.

JOURNEY takes learning seriously not as a one-time session but as a whole process with many supporting factors, thus bringing success.

JOURNEY’s needs-based, tailor-made approach helps to establish the company culture and creates synergy among the participants. 

With JOURNEY, you can measure the improvement of the individuals, change in their performance and thus the efficiency of the investment.

JOURNEY can be designed for Leadership, Sales, Operastions, Internal Trainers, etc.

Knowles Model


Adult learning, andragogy, is different than the practice of teaching children, pedagogy.

In 1980 Malcolm Knowles introduced the seven principles of adult learning.

Once applied, adult learning theories can positively impact adult learning experiences, thus increasing performance.


Tailored for your needs, therefore unique.

Measured before, during and after.

Has diverse learning activities;

  • Blended Learning,
  • Reverse Learning,
  • On the Job Activities and Projects,
  • Social Responsibility Projects
  • Book and Movie clubs,
  • Fireside Chats,
  • Mentoring & Coaching,
  • Presentations, 
  • Follow-up Sessions …

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An example of Improva Future Club Corporate Academy, distributed over a year.