Development Centers

Do you know yourself, in detail, your strengths and weaknesses based on your career aspirations, especially under stress?

This is a difficult task. Many questions have to be asked;

– Your career goals. Without a clear vision of the participant’s future, how can we talk about a clear development plan?

– Your strengths. Based on your future goals, what are the strongest traits and competencies of your personality that you can lean on?

– Your weaknesses (Although we do call them development opportunities). What are the development needs you should work on to ease up the journey?

A personality test can measure the eagerness and inclination of an individual, i.e. on time management. However, if the individual does not know the tools to manage his/her time correctly, this is a development area.

”Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. ”

Our Development Centers designed for the participants to understand their strengths that they have to develop further and their weaknesses that they have to improve and thus to increase their self-awareness. The outcomes allow the company HR to create talent maps, succession planning schemes and training plans and focus on the right strategies for the right candidate.

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The Development Center and Talent Management Process Together ;

As soon as the personal feedbacks and reporting are completed the development process starts.

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