How did UniCredit, Yapı Kredi Bank, employ internal coaching at all her management levels?

How did UniCredit employ internal coaching at all her management levels?


Yapı Kredi Bank is a partner of UniCredit in Turkey. It is one of the major banks among the top 5 private banks and one of the pioneers in credit card operations in the country, providing it with a loyal customer base in the retail segment. 

With the number of new-gen employees increasing and turnovers souring, the bank wants to establish coaching as a management routine within its management, thus providing better personal development and promotion opportunities for the employees. 



The managers were well-trained in YKB. The bank has two major training facilities that provide adequate leadership and management training. However, managers were managing performance rather than coaching their employees. The previous attempt to develop this skill didn’t change the culture or the style. Their feedback was limited to routine performance feedback. 



Our solution has three key layers.

The second layer is the heart of the system. This process involves 6 steps, as presented here.

In a 2,5 year period, our team completed the shadow coaching process of 834 managers from different levels of the organizations, from branch managers to area directors, from head office managers to corporate banking directors.



As expected, many managers installed coaching as a daily routine in their teams, which resulted in higher commitment, faster development, better engagement and more internal promotions. As a result of the successful implementation of our Shadow Coaching process with 834 managers, the Association for Talent Development awarded the bank with an ATD award in 2015

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