How did L’orèal improve her trainers, thus creating a revenue increase from their extended sales?


L’oreal is an innovative company with everchanging and developing products to fulfill the requirements of the everchanging demands of the fashion industry and, thus, the customers. They have to train the internal staff as well as the people in the cosmetic saloons using their products. 



  • The internal trainer team should be up to date, and ready to take on the challenge.
  • They should not only be trainers but also skilled salespeople as they have the best contact with the saloons.
  • No customer complaints are acceptable due to their communication issues.
  • The solution must increase their awareness, commitment and motivation.



We approached the requirements as a four-step process: first, we understood the undermining issues, then the individual requirements, then we developed the trainers, and finally, we checked the progress.

How did L’orèal improve her trainers, thus creating a revenue increase from their extended sales?


After having the field visit to the saloons, hearing the specialists’ opinions and listening to the trainer’s points of view, we prepared a Development Center, which includes; 

  • Their trainer skills include transferring information, replying to quarries, and effective communication under stressful situations. 
  • Their sales skills to a new saloon, existing saloon and problematic specialist.
  • Their managerial skills to lead a team, if needed later. 

This allowed in-depth views of the team’s requirements. Giving feedback personally to them created awareness about their own strengths and weaknesses. This also helped us create the team’s talent map and design the training sessions not as generic sessions but based on their needs. 


The project helped us better understand the training force and the difficulties they face daily. It also mapped them to see the next-gen leaders. As they improved their sales skills, their numbers also soared, and customer satisfaction increased while complaints dropped. 

Our project was presented at L’orèal’s annual global meeting as a Best Demonstrated Practice and won the prize.

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