How did KPMG choose the best next-gen leaders from a group of very successful candidates?

How did KPMG choose the best next-gen leaders from a group of very successful candidates?


KPMG has a very well-educated and experienced employee base. They are the best-in-class consultants. However, knowing and leading are different. Therefore, KPMG wants to choose the best of the best for promotions and also groom the rest for the next level while developing the promoted ones to overcome the new challenges they face. 



  • Two levels of promotions have different needs and, therefore, should be assessed differently.
  • The system should help us determine the readiness of the candidates.
  • We should provide feedback to increase awareness and to plan for further developments.
  • We should be able to map all the participants based on required skills and, therefore, be able to help them grow. 



Our solution was to use two different Assessment & Development Centers for each level. 

  • The first level involved selecting directors from candidate managers, 
  • The second part involved selecting partners from the group of candidate directors.


Common Elements of the Centers;

To understand the existing personal perceptions, tendencies and behaviours, we used seven personality inventories; 

  • Personal Behavioral Style
  • Leadership Style
  • Communication Under Stress
  • Motivational Needs analysis
  • Negotiation Style
  • Dynamic Leadership Effectiveness
  • Change-ability Style

The standard flow of a development center is as follows;

DC 1: Director Development Center

Development Center at this level involves the measurement of leadership behaviours under stress. Including team building, planning and organizing, managing self, performance management and customer focus. 


DC 2: Partner Development Center

Our Development Center at this level requires higher-level leadership skills, which will be needed in senior-level discussions and environments. This level includes a briefing to the CEO, presenting a proposal and negotiating with a senior team to convince for results.


Our two levels of the Development Centers provided insight information to the participants, their managers, and the HR team to plan further. The accuracy of the findings still amazes all participants and their managers. 

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