How did Alternatifbank develop its talent to establish a successful new management team?


As the dark clouds of the pandemic disappeared, it was clear that an economic downturn would hit the markets, and it would hit hard. In addition, with different working structures and evaluating their priorities, the employees were less motivated than before, resulting in high turnover rates. 

Our client, Alternatifbank, a subsidiary of The Commercial Bank of Qatar in the region, was concerned about establishing a new management team capable of handling these challenges. 



  • Increasing competition in an economic turbulence.
  • Lower motivation and retention after the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Well-trained people with changed priorities and lower motivation.
  • Similar training modules create cost but little value.
  • Difficulties in measuring the outcomes of the investment, the results and the people.
  • Continuity of a program to establish a company management culture. 



Alternatifbank had a selected pool of talent for branch and head office positions. By examining the necessary skills and cultural values, we identified the differences between sales and support positions. This innovative approach enabled us to create two groups: Branch Management and Head Office Management.

We know that the duration between the leadership training and actual promotion can be quite disruptive to motivation and, thus, performance. It is also known that information should be practised to turn it into knowledge. Therefore, we initiated a social responsibility project structure to let the participants practice the shared information and also create value for the ones in need to keep them up to the challenge. 

We used our Journey Leadership Development Programme Structure. We added one module for each required skill and designed the programme like Lego blocks aligned with each other. At the beginning of the program, just after the kick-off, we used our 360 tool to take a photo shot, and just before the end, we used the same analysis again to compare the outcomes. We also recorded each individual’s performance and motivational analysis results, along with the turnover rates, to compare them with the outcomes after the program. 

The essential Leadership and management sessions were similar, whereas the Systematic Leadership sessions were not, with different branch and head office simulation games and sessions. Adding case studies, homework, reverse learning opportunities, movie discussions, book clubs, fireside chats, and individual coaching support with our certified coaches encouraged the participants to be more active, use the knowledge in other daily areas, debate, and find their potential within themselves. 

We concluded the programme with separate social responsibility project presentations and personal development presentations for the higher managers in the organization.



The results were astonishing.

  • Substantial  increase in personal performance,
  • Significant increase in motivational levels,
  • Promotions within the organization proved to have positive results.
  • Alternatifbank received the prestigious Stevie Gold Award for the Leadership Development Category in 2022.

These positive results led to the program’s continuation for the following years.

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