Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. - Theodore Roosevelt

TESTIMONIALSHear what some of our Clients say.


“I know Eren İkiz and his powerful services from my past experiences, I took many trainings from Eren which have very powerful impact and timeless knowledge. And 2 years ago, we came across with him again at the time that I really needed. Working with Eren has had a huge impact on my perspective and attitude. He supports me to focus on the issues from a different strategic and business perspective and makes me more creative, efficient and confident. This has dramatically improved my personal productivity and my influence and relationships. with people I work with. I deeply value the time we’ve spent together and the progress he has helped me to make in my life.”

Cardif Insurance, CHRO


“We are working with Eren Ikiz since the foundation of Deniz Academy which is 2008.

He and his team are mainly responsible for Head Quarters and Branches Talent trainings before they are promoted to managerial positions and after their assessment process.

Together with Eren, we are preparing our talent pool to their new challanges, helping them to understand the Management Skills as well as human skills.

The insightful review of Eren in the final follow up presentations (at the end of 3 modules training) became an essential part for us to determine if we are going to promote the talent or not.

On the other hand we built Mentorship capabilities within the company with Eren and the elder branch managers who became the mentors of the newly promoted branch managers took their mentorship trainings from Eren.

Throughout those years he and his team always provided professional solutions to our needs and became one of most valuable learning partners of our company.”

Denizbank, ENBD, Academy Group Manager


“The chance to meet such a great mind, tudor Mr. Eren İkiz who helped my self-development more than I expected in such a short notice. During the entire program after each session, I found myself telling the stories I listened, using the methods I learned not only in business life but also in my social life. This point even only itself shows how great my experience was.” The energy between me and my expert is amazing since the first session. The most valuable part for me is that I can discuss, talk, ask about anything that is related to the goal of the program without no hesitation or second thought.”



I had the pleasure of meeting Eren during 2023 for a coaching program offered by my employer. It was very effective and fruitful. Eren immediately found which areas I needed to develop and got directly to the point. The first session was a bit of a “hit the wall” feeling but a very effective way to start our coaching journey together. It has given me a lot and still today I think about Eren tips & tricks when I fall back in some situations. What I appreciate the most was that he is direct, concrete and comes with the right tools for my development which help me both at my work and privately.

Arval Sweden, Head of Business Unit


“The Dynamic Leadership Training I received last week has taken its place in my training portfolio as a training packed with valuable for information personal development, which I will not forget, thanks to your fluent narration. In my 22-year career, of which I’ve spent the last 14 years as a director in various markets, I have confirmed the things I unknowingly did right, along with the practices I did wrong or inadequately. Of course, learning never ends; in today’s conditions, we need to constantly update our software, like our cell phones. I owe a debt of gratitude both to you for the valuable information you have provided and to my institution, which has given me this opportunity.”

İşbank, Branch Manager


“Without realizing it, I have greatly utilized and made habits of what I learned from you and your team throughout my professional life.

In 2008, we had a vision study together. I read it again, and I see that setting the right vision for myself and, most importantly, achieving it is a great joy.

I wanted to reach out and thank you and your team again for everything you’ve added to my life. I am deeply grateful to you all.”

TEB, BNP Paribas, Area Sales Manager

I am starting a new path with what I have learned from you in my pocket. Thank you again and again for your teachings, contributions and guidance.

Esra, Branch Manager

The different perspective that Eren brings from his years of experience. He challenges my thinking and encourages me to see things from a new angle. What I appreciate most is that he holds a mirror up to me so I can truly see myself in my interactions, thoughts, speech, etc..

Kristie, Edwards

Thanks to you, my vision has changed, and I feel very lucky to receive training from you.

Seher, ENBD Denizbank

Having discussions with an expert who has had real-world experience both leading teams and teaching how to lead teams and provide feedback is very helpful. Eren is great at explaining different topics in ways that make me think, “Oh, that's obviously a better way to approach that issue."

Alex, Biovectra