Our TeamAbirambika Ravivarman

Coach, FacilitatorAbirambika Ravivarman

Abirambika Ravivarman brings over 12 years of corporate expertise from her tenure at Citibank, where she navigated risk and compliance, led teams, and implemented impactful change strategies. Blending this corporate foundation with 9 years of entrepreneurial leadership, Abi possesses a distinctive skill set and insights that bridge the corporate and business landscapes seamlessly. Partnering with organizations, Abi strives to create a transformative workplace experience that empowers both individuals and systems for a better world of work. 

Recognized as a Guinness Record Holder, Abi’s achievements underscore her unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence. Adding to her accolades, the World HRD Congress honoured her among the ‘101 Most Fabulous Coaching Leaders’, highlighting her exceptional contributions to coaching. Beyond coaching, Abi’s journey encompasses dynamic leadership development and training facilitation, reflecting her proficiency in nurturing talent and enhancing skills. Notably, she is also a published author, further exemplifying her multifaceted expertise and commitment to continuous growth and development.

As a coach, Abi’s mission is clear: to empower leaders in cultivating lasting transformation for both themselves and their teams. Rooted in Buddhist wisdom and holding ICF PCC and ICF ACTC (team coaching) credentials with over 800 hours of coaching leaders globally, Abi’s coaching style transcends mere behavioural shifts. It’s a shared journey of resilience, joy, and empowered leadership, fostering a workplace culture of mindfulness, openness, and harmonious connections.